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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Acne Treatment in Teenagers

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Acne Treatment for Teenagers - Dr Niketa's Skin Secrets

Though acne has become more of a lifestyle disease seen in both sexes and all age groups, acne in teenagers still compounds to the latest part of the problem.

We have already discussed how acne is related to the hormones, lifestyle, genes, skin care and hygine. In teenagers all these factors hold true. But what is more important is that acne in adolescents needs to be controlled as soon as the problem starts. Many parents think that their child is to young and refrain from treatments. One must understand that acne is a skin infection caused by P. Acne bacteria and it does lead to permanent scaring. Once a teenager has acne that has been persisting for long, consider that his or her skin will never look smooth and healthy without the help of a dermatologist.

Treating acne in youngsters is far easier than treating adult acne. It just requires the right guidance from a good skin specialist. I always try to prescribe topical medications only and encourage some basic skin care and lifestyle changes. If the problem remains uncontrolled then we move to oral medication and/ or gentle medical skin treatments suitable for teenage skin. 

I prefer to keep skin care in teenagers to a minimum, so as not to distract them from their studies and other routine activities. A good gentle anti acne face wash. An anti acne day cream containing sunscreen. And an anti bacterial and anti inflammatory medicated cream at night is all that's required. Gel based Mandelic peels derived from sweet almonds are perfect for teenagers. They help in gently unclogging the pores, provide an anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effect and can clear the acne in less than 2 months.

Another important fact to consider here is that Comedonal Acne or Acne Vulgaris Grade I which appears as tiny, pin point sized, skin coloured bumps seen most frequently on the forehead, cheeks and chin is the acne that leaves behind the most irreversible type of scars - Ice pick scars. So if the acne doesn't look large, red or pus filled doesn't mean it can be neglected! A simple procedure such as a Comedone expression can prevent this permanent acne scarring.

Teenagers these days have a lot of social and peer pressure. They need all the confidence they can gather to face the world now and as future adults. I see no point in allowing a child to suffer from acne at any age. Because this child may suffer from scars of acne and of low self esteem for a lift time!

Keep looking beautiful
Dr Niketa