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Friday, March 22, 2013

Dynamic Frown Lines – Botox Treatment

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Frown lines are the dynamic expression lines that occur between the eyebrows. These lines are associated with the expression of anger and worry. Many patients who approach me for the treatment of frown lines do so not because they want to look younger, but because their colleagues and family members perceive them as angry or worried all the time!

Frown lines are caused by the action of the muscles procerus, the right and left corrugators and sometimes the depressor supercilli. These muscles together form the glabellar complex. Frown lines initially are always dynamic, they occur while emoting and disappear immediately after. But as time passes by these muscles become hypertrophic and hypertonic causing a more permanent or a static frown irrespective of the emotions of the person.

Treating frown lines is simple but can be tricky. Dynamic and early static lines can effectively be treated with neuro-modulators such as Botox. The dose and the points of injection are determined during the consultation. I usually prefer 3 to 6 tiny injections into the responsible muscles depending upon individual anatomy. The injections are virtually painless and can be done under topical anaesthesia, ice numbing or even directly under aseptic conditions.

The effect of the Botox lasts for about 3-5 months depending upon the level of hyperactivity of the glabellar complex and lifestyle of the patient. Touch-up injections may be required thereafter if maintenance of results is desired. Over the years the hypertrophy and hypertonicity subsides and the dose required of Botox may reduce.

The trick is making the treated area look natural and not stiff or mask-like. This allows the patient to have a relaxed expression and a natural frown when required without looking frozen.

The single most important advice I can give to all those considering this treatment is choose your injecting Dermatologist wisely. Intricate facial assessment, appropriate injection points and the right dosage is what differentiates a skilled Dermatologist from the average injectors.

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